Charging battery while selecting walking activity

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when I'm tracking my walking activity most of the times the battery does not last for the whole duration (last up to 50km walk). So during the activity I connect the watch to an external battery but when doing that the activity itself stops and I need to reconnect again. Meaning I can never log an activity longer than 50km which is a pity. Are there ways to connect an external battery but still keep the activity running? thx


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    When the watch senses a change in power state it resets, so if you plug it in mid-activity it will reset. If you start it plugged into a power bank and leave it in the whole time, letting the bank run out and naturally switch to watch battery it will not reset. However, the trick is getting the cradle to not come loose the entire time (which will cause a reset), which is likely if it is in a pack. You also will not be able to wear it, nor will you get HR. You could try taping it or something possibly, but I would practice it ahead of time. You're better off using multiple devices and joining the files together afterwards. You will still have two entries in MySports, but you can upload the joined file to anywhere else you log your activities, like Strava.

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