SOLVED: Import Favourites to Mobile app 'Tom Tom GO' from 'Tom Tom HOME' (iOS/iPhone)

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Since the maps are no longer being updaed on the old Tom Tom HOME app for iOS/iPhone I've been trying out the 'new' Tom Tom GO app.

Like many others - I have favourites saved in Tom Tom HOME app that do not automatically come across to Tom Tom GO.

I've seen lots of posts here saying that they cannot be migrated.

But I found a (cumbersome) way to copy them.

In Tom Tom HOME (Eg: Tom Tom Australia, or Tom Tom Western Europe) open the favourites. Click on one you wish to transfer then click on 'Share location' then finally click 'Send by Email'. Email it to yourself.

Now open the email and click on the Google maps link (you'll need to have google maps installed - but you don't need to 'login' to the google maps app).

The location will open in Google Maps. Tap on the 'name of the favourite' at the bottom of the screen and the panel will slide up showing you the decimal GPS co-ordinates. (-27.38,153.119). Tap the co-ordinates and copy.

Now open Tom Tom GO and add a new place, search, tapping 'whole map' gives you the option to select latitude Longitude. Now paste and remove the parenthesis so it becomes -27.38,153.119. Tap the address which comes up, tap 'add' then switch back to google maps, copy the favourites name, switch back to Tom Tom GO and paste the name and press save!

Viola! You've copied a favourite from Tom Tom HOME to Tom Tom GO.


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    Thanks for the great tip on using GPS coordinates @arthurba!

    [h3]Here's a (less cumbersome :grin:) version using just TomTom Home (TTH) & TomTom Go Mobile (TTGM):[/h3](ie: no need to email or use google maps)
    1. in TTH: Menu/Navigate To/Favourite/[favourite name]/Options/Map of Route
    2. click on "i" symbol bottom RH of screen & tick 'Coordinates' & Done - move the cross-hair to the destination (it will snap to the Favourite location): now its coordinates are displayed bottom LH of map
    3. tap on coordinates and select 'Copy'
    4. In TTGM: Menu/My Places/Add/Search/Whole Map select 'Latitude Longitude' and Paste coordinates NOTE: need to hit backspace to delete just the longitude's minute symbol " ' " to invoke the location to be shown
    5. select location & Add - you are prompted to 'give the place a name'
    6. return to TTH to copy the Favourite's name: Menu/Navigate To/Favourite/Edit - tap on favourite name and Copy (& Paste back in TTGM)
    NB: You will not need to repeat step 2 when adding the remainder of your favourites.