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Recently I bought a product from you, due to the good name of the company and its products, but I was deceived by my purchase.
I was in Brazil and asked to know the product. I asked how I could upgrade the product because I was not living in Brazil but in Toronto. The seller said that I would have no problem and that I could upgrade the product by tomtom's website and that it would be the newest latest update that the tomtom company had released and that it would not be charged any financial value. He said: All other maps you need in the future or the other updates, you must pay and on the site itself has the values that are not so expensive. I said ... ok! To my surprise that was not good. The site made available the last update of the map, but from Brazil what is not suitable for me. You can see that my account on tomtom's website is new.
I clicked on the company website tomtom, and I have no information on how I can solve this problem with you, as I think it is a great lack of respect for customers that you do not have this information. When I created the account, I thought: there should be an area on the site where the maps are, and then I can click and select the template to perform the update I need and choose how to use this first free update that I have.
I would solve this big problem with tomtom company. And I believe you have a solution for me.
I appreciate the attention and I will be waiting for the positive response of this inconvenience.
Thank you.


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    Hi claudio bucsan

    Welcome to the community :)

    I have activated the map of US and Canada. Please download it using MyDrive Connect.

    Vikram :)