How to download updates to Mac

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I'm fed up of the map updates taking 8 hours or more to download. I assumed that if I ticked "Download Updates on my Computer" in TomTom MyDrive Connect that it would download updates to my computer so that when I plugged my TomTom in it would just be a couple of hours to update it instead of 8 to 10. However, the updates don't seem to download. I've set the time to between 0100 and 2300 and left the Mac on for a few days but nothing has downloaded. Have I misunderstood what "Download Updates on my Computer" means?

BTW - My internet connection is fine. I'm hard-wired to the router and can download from other servers at decent speeds. 2.5GB takes about 15 minutes from other servers. TomTom averages about 300kBPS and never goes higher than 600kBPS. AV is turned off. I only have problems with TomTom. I assumed that I could just download to the Mac without the device connected, but that doesn't work either.


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    Instruction for downloads also requires MDC to be logged onto your account, running in background and your computer not to go to sleep. I see an update is available by a small coloured flag in the MDC icon in the top taskbar.
    Sometimes it’s good to clear the old update downloads from the cache folder using the button in the settings window. Also the device not needed to be connected for download to occur. Useful when maps re-issued.

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