Increased calories after watch update

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I recently connected my watch to my laptop for the first time in a while and it performed an update. Ever since, the calories burned seem to have increased drastically.
I used to get approx. 600 calories for a 10k run on a treadmill; now I am getting 900 calories for the same effort. I think it was more realistic beforehand. Is this a common problem?


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    Yours is the first they mentioned it and they did not change anything in the update that would impact that (or at least not that they published). Are you using treadmill mode or gym mode? Treadmill does not use HR for calories while gym does so that would explain a difference if you switched. Did your personal stats change at all (perhaps they got reset during the update)?

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    Thank you for your reply! Yes I think I had changed to treadmill. I didn't realise they weren't all on HR so that explains it. What a shame only gym function gives accurate calories.