Lifetime warrantee not honoured on two year old TomTOM

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I purchased a TomTom 860 in 2016. Prior to a trip through Scotland, England and Ireland. The product was sold clearly labelled and confirmed by sales staff to have lifetime map support. I am now travelling to Canada and have booked a hire car. When I attempted to download maps I am told my device is no longer supported.
I believe there must be some error as this is a breach of Comsumer Affairs legislation in Australia. Thus I am assuming I am missing a step after logging in.
Could you please instruct me as to how I down the free driving maps of Canada


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    Tomtom EOL (End of Life)

    Tomtom have already stated that Lifetime Maps and any Existing Map Subscriptions will be honoured

    See VikramK Post (TomTom Staff) Here....

    If you have Lifetime Maps or an existing Map Subscriptions Call Tomtom Support...

    When calling....
    Tomtom are monitoring Eol support by an Auto Response System
    When prompted DO NOT provide your Tomtom model information
    Wait for a live agent to respond

    :flag_au: Australia
    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST

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    @YamFazMan @HeatherJN

    I suspect the lifetime maps are ONLY for the region where the device was first purchased, in this case, Oz. That is, unless the lifetime maps were for World maps for a device.

    But confirm with support one way or the other as YamFazMan suggests.