Recorded route doesn't sync with MyDrive

Marc vd Molen
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Goodafternoon forum members,

I bought a rider 550 and drove the first fun rides I had made via TomTom Mydrive.
Yesterday I drove a ride and recorded it. At the end I connected the rider550 to the Wifi at home. Now I can see the route that I drove on the rider's MyRoute, but do not see it on TomTom MyDrive, what am I doing wrong?



    EXPORTMAN Posts: 634

    I'm not sure its going to be easy, I did something similar but wanted to import it to mydriveapp. Found the only successful way was to insert a memory card to the rider
    select the route then share it which copies it to the card then import it from there using a card reader
  • Marc vd Molen
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    Thanks for your reply Exportman,
    This is the same I've figured out today and it works. It's not the most wanted way but it works. Maybe someday they make a fix in an update.
  • Two Showers
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    I have same issue and I "was" told when purchasing that recorded rides can be transferred by bluetooth form device to phone, but only option I'm getting is to also transfer it by memory card ........
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    Apparently you have to use an SD card to transfer a recorded track, and that is a HUGE shortcoming. We need to be able to download tracks - AT LEAST by USB cable, if not also by wifi and/or MyDrive
  • 312hooligan
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    Using SD card to transfer recorded route was the only way I can achieve this. However, has any of you who have been doing this noticed that once the recorded route is transferred to a new device, it loses fidelity? Meaning, the very exact route isn't quite followed?

    I did that from my Rider 400 to Rider 410, and I noticed my transferred recorded routes weren't the exact same.
  • Geoff and Dawn
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    Is there a fix to this yet? I see the last post was over a year ago. I want to be able to transfer a route recorded on my Tomtom Rider to MyDrive so that I can tweak it for the future. Without all the faff of SD cards etc.
  • RoadRider
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    No this is by design. MyDrive only syncs to your Rider.

    You still need to export using the SD Card.