Golf stats and post round analysis

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Good day,

First I would like to say that I am happy with the watch, ie. when playing the round it is easy to use and works well. That being said, I have been having problems with syncing, but appart from that I really miss post round stats and analysis. I can not understand why Tomtom does not provide golfers with better possibility to analyze their game.
  1. I cannot see / find my rounds on mysports, only summery of each round. Where are my strokes? Is that only in the app?
  2. One should be able to change shots, delete or add (change possition).
  3. One should be able to add a club!
  4. 9 hole round is not supported
This would make a huge difference for Tomtom and their users, next time I will go with a watch that provides me with these possiblities and I hope that Tomtom has plan of adding that before I will upgrade!!



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    I've just purchased the TomTom Golfer 2 and am disappointed with the lack of functionality of the app. I play 9 holes on a regular basis but all my stats are based on 18 holes. Also the lack of editing scores is really poor too. Thinking of returning my watch.