Traffic Warnings

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I can hear the spoken route directions no problem but I'm not getting any traffic camera warnings? I've set it to Read Aloud Warnings and Warning Sound but neither work. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the app and checked the volume settings but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas please?



  • jatco
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    I hear you, or, don't hear 'them'. Received my new GO620 and have the same issues/problems that Im still trying to work out. Viewed other posts and replies, including mine..and yet, still dont receive the Warning sounds or symbols on the task bar.
    I'm now in touch with Support and waiting for their reply after much help from some Forum members who gave as much assistance as they could.
    All my settings are as they should be, as far as I know....- unless I'm missing something.....
    Hope to get this resolved.. otherwise, this is just a minimal upgrade from my EOL GO730....which worked great, until TT decided to not support it .......UGH..!