Speed Limit Changes

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:sunglasses:I live in a country area where it is miles between towns. Between Inglewood and Bridgewater, there used to be NO speed limit. It later became 60 MPH. When we mectricated (about 1970), it became 100kph and there has been no change since; EXCEPT according to TomTom it was recently changed to 60kph. Despite informing TT about their mistake in the map update, they will not change it back to the true speed limit. :tired_face:So every time I drive through that area my TT goes beserk, telling me off for speeding as soon as I go over 60kph. It's about time TT did what they promised in their ads which make it seem like a good cooperative system. Good companies over deliver, others under deliver!:persevere:


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    Hi, did you report using the online Map Share Reporter tool? That's the best way to let TT know.