Can I create a destination on the map without using an address, place name, or POI?

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I'm a new user of TomTom and would like to input a destination using the map screen and cursor. The place I'd like to go has no address, but is on a State Route that appears on the GPS map. It is a lake that is named, but not in the TomTom POI so I can't input that way. I can get to the "center" of the nearby town, but then can't move the destination point to where I want to go that is about 20 miles out of town.
I know I can create my destination as my "Home", save and rename it, and then route that way, but it seems like an incredibly stupid way of doing it. Can't I just tap the screen and say "go here"?
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    Zoom into the place you want to go to, then touch the actual place and hold your finger there then a pop-up menu shows the nearest address. To plan a route to this destination, select Drive.

    See page 61/61 of the manual for full instructions
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    Using the 2D North-up overview Map... Zoom into the required location
    Long Tap (Tap and hold for +1 second)... A quick menu opens --> Tap the Blue (Drive) Icon or Tap the 3Dot icon to choose other options
    Note... A 'Quick Tap' and 'Long Tap' of the screen or a planned route will give different menu options

    The Tomtom device will show your chosen location on the map but if that location is Off-Road i.e... If it's NOT displayed on the Tomtom Map as a Small-Track/Lane/Road the device will only plan a route to the nearest Road access point

    For example... Try a Long Tap in the middle of a large Field --> Tap the Blue (Drive) Icon
    The Device will plan a route to the nearest road access point... And a dotted line to the actual destination

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    Thanks a ton! Now I'm excited about the unit again!

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    If you have the lat/long of your destination you can also enter that in the search screen of the satnav or in mydrive and drive to it.