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Bluetooth connection to the RIDER 410

hamousherhamousher Posts: 5 [Novice Seeker]
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Hi, Has anyone any experience of connecting bluetooth adapters to their Tom Tom. I have purchased a Inatek bluetooth transmitter/receiver BR1003, with the view to use it to connect my wired headset to my rider 410 using the receiver mode. I cant get it to pair with the rider 410 and would like to know if anyone has had any success in doing something similar. I can pair with an Apple iPod ok, not tried pc yet, about to do that now.
Just a quick heads up, I have been able to pair a Phillips SHQ6500BL with the rider 410


  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 725 Superuser
    This device supports A2DP, SBC, and APTX. TomTom Rider requires Bluetooth Headset profile (HSP).
  • hamousherhamousher Posts: 5 [Novice Seeker]
    My thanks to you for the information
  • Vincent.pVincent.p Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I like so many riders prefer a hard wired set of ear plugs because the ear pieces are moulded to your ears and block out the engine noise. I've tried countless bluetooth gizmos to try and get connected and none have worked until today :o)

    Buy the 'Griffin iTrip Clip' Bluetooth Audio Adapter I bought mine from Argos Stores # 804/5957 (UK)
    It connected first time with my Rider 410 and is as clear as a bell.
    The price just under £20 and worth every penny.

    I hope this helps others who are looking for the same solution.
    Safe riding!
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,971 Superusers

    I use one of these connected over bluetooth to my Rider 400
    The 3mm male/male jack plug is removable and I plug in a pair of standard ear buds


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