POI Phone Numbers In TT Go Mobile

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Perceived wisdom on the Internet and within official TT guides, suggest that the POI format for CSV import files is:

[lat],[long],"[name]>[Phone Number]"

However, I cannot find where TT Go Mobile displays the Phone Number for any given POI, imported from a CSV file.

I know the phone data exists within the OV2 file as I can see it with a hex editor and also within Extra_Poi_Editor. So how do I get TT to display it? Each POI has a More Information button where I might have expected the phone number to be displayed, but alas, it is not !


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    I think the format should be .asc


    4.48557, 50.90100, Brussels Airport B-Bruxelles, 032123415

    Convert the downloaded .asc file into .dat with POIEdit

    Copy the selected files (.bmp and converted.ov2 extensions

    for .ov2

    for bmp
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    So how do I get TT to display it?
    Try the landscape mode.

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    I think that you may both be missing my point. I am not talking about just tagging the phone number onto the and of the address line, which is what is achieved using standard CSV syntax, ie. [lat],[long],[name],address,phone. This is easy to do, but results in a very long & cumbersome POI display. Even rotating the screen does not always help.

    I am after the phone numer being treated as a separate entity to the address and displayed separately (eg. within More Info). Other GPS apps using the same POI sets (eg. AlpineQuest) have no problem handling phone numbers separately. Not sure why TomTom Go Mobile doesn't, especially as it appears to accomodate it within the OV2 file structure.