Go app is silent if iPhone paired paired with Toyota Touch system

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When I pair my iPhone 5 with my new Toyota Verso's Bluetooth system (Toyota Touch) the Go app works but route instructions are silent. As soon as I un-pair the phone from the car's system, the Go app works fine.
Can anyone help please for at present I have to choose between having a hands free phone or a fully functioning Go app and there are safety implications is both choices.


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    I have a Toyota Auris with Touch 2 bluetooth system. One way to solve it is to disable bluetooth connection for music on the Touch. On my Toyota Touch 2 there are three options you can enable/disable seperately in bluetooth connection: music, phone and data.
    Disadvantage is that you cannot play iPhone music via the car speakers, but your phone works normally over the carkit and navigation instruction come out of the phone speaker.

    Alternatively on your iPhone you can switch your sound output to iPhone after it connects to the car bluetooth. You can do that in control center on your iPhone (swipe up from the bottom). You would have to do this everytime you connect your phone though.

    It is not an ideal solution. Unfortunately TomTom Go for iPhone still does not support HFP. This would allow navigation instructions through the car speakers no matter what sound source is selected. Apple maps does support this and works very well.
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    Thanks for your helpful comments and apologies for the delay in replying. My 2015 Toyota Verso does not have Touch 2 but the original Touch and the option to disable music separately does not exist.

    I wonder if Apple have any plans to support HEP in the future, which will be of little use on my old iPhone 5. As I receive relatively few phone calls on the move, I would rather have spoken route instructions on TomTom and use the phone when safe to do so. Thanks again for your comments.