Sync routes from MyDrive account online to phone with TomTom Mobile?

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I made a route on my TomTom MyDrive account online, but when saved it's now showing in the GO app on my phone.
My places get's synchronized but not the routes. It's the same the other way, I made some routes on the phone, but they are not synchronized to MyDrive online and therefor not on my other device (tablet).

If I choose to synchronize the route online as a track, then it shows on my GO mobile as a track under the routes and also on the tablet.

How can I synchronize routes (not tracks), so when made on one device or online are showed on all devices/online?

Under TomTom services on the GO mobile app, under MyDrive Sync it says "Synchronize your destinations, places and routes and see them on all your devices".

A related topic ( was from two years ago, nothing happened since?

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