Every Hole Yardage is incorrect on my TomTom Golfer2

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I just got my TomTom Golfer 2 watch as hopefully to replace my Garmin Approach G6.
My home course is Riverbend in Richmond Ontario Canada.
While the watch is beautiful..The GPS is horrible as compared to The Garmin

In 18 holes:

-Garmin yardage from the scorecard was more accurate in 17 of 18 holes.
-The TomTom Golfer 2 also had incorrect pars in 7 of 18 holes.
The difference in total yardage for 18 holes was 769 yards off while the Garmin was only 140 yards off.

I have sent a course feedback and you sent me an email that it was fixed but it hasn't.

Please help me !!



  • MarttiP
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    You should have kept your Garmin. TomTom support is of lowest quality nowadays. It looks likethe company has decided to drop golf products.

    TomTom community manager, feel free to correct my opinion.