A SDK for the Adventurer - could we continue the Adventurer as hobbyists?

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Thinking of the future (and blissfully ignorant of any IP implications or restrictions!), would it be possible to prolong the Adventurer (and maybe the other watches in the range?) by releasing a software developer kit please? With such good hardware, it would be great to maximise and prolong the use we get from our watches.

Roomba have done similar - it's a great way of providing a way of keeping the enthusiasm for the devices alive and ultimately provide the means for the community to support itself.

Any chance please?


  • peca
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    It will be very nice to have! I own Spark3 and I can imagine many less or more useful firmware updates (more alarms, alarms based on work/free days, countdown alarm, user defined sports and menu organisation...)
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    This would be awesome. I'm a bit disappointed to have invested almost 300€ in a dead product :( But with an SDK this would be great fun!!!