Aberdeen - AWPR

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Why has Tom Tom, released on their maps that the AWPR (A90) and associated roads are now open? Last night they certainly were not and according to the local news, they will not be open until the autumn time.


  • LAJ
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    I’ve tried reporting this to TomTom and was told to do it via Mapshare. I did so, but it still shows as pending.
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    I concur that the A90 upgrade is NOT open!

    Getting to a hotel southwest of Aberdeen when approaching from the north cost me an extra 45 minutes over and above the estimated arrival time.

    What makes this worse is that I had paying clients on board, and updating the UK map just now shows that this issue has NOT been addressed by TomTom.

    The original post above by fergusonfrgy is a month old, and the situation is disgraceful.

    How about TomTom drops the ability to report speed cameras on the home screen, and replace it with the ability to report issues such as this one, or one way streets that are marked incorrectly and suchlike?

    Wake up TomTom!