Not able to change my home address and country living in.

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Good afternoon

Bought my TOMTOM go Live 825 in the USA, made for 4 years periods stops over in Belgium, the UK and now Russia. In all country's, beside Russia, I could change my home country and my address without any problem. Now living in Russia I can not change my home address.
When changing the country where I now resides, the device asumes that I want to change everything to Russian too. Not my cup of tea. I'm dutch and love to have a device that understand me in dutch, talks to me in dutch and which I can give dutch commands.

Above that, it is not possible to use the TomTom Services

My Sn: FB1442H01744

Any idea?


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    Well, I have this number but don't know how much it might cost you:

    :flag_ru: Russia
    +31 20 850 1004 (International number, support provided in English only)
    Monday - Friday: from 11:00 to 18:30 Moscow time