unable to connect to mydrive-Rider 400

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I have a Rider 400 and I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 7. I had no problems with my iPhone SE, but when I try to connect my Rider to my iPhone it says that it is connected (i.e. Bluetooth) but then it says that it is "unable to connect to TomTom MyDrive". This means that I can't sync my favorites, routes, etc. and I can't get traffic data. I have update the device. I have restared the phone and the device many times. I have tried deleting the phone/Rider from the Bluetooth devices on both/each device. I have uninstalled an reinstalled the MyDrive app on my phone. I have reset the network settings on my phone. I have reset my device. All attempts have failed and I can't seem to get it working.

Is there any advice out there that I haven't tried yet? I have an older Rider device, I upgraded specifically for the traffic and wireless capabilities. If these aren't working this device is useless to me.