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Every time I have to update my Start25 I have issues with it not connecting. I've done everything they've asked me when I still had telephone support, but nothing is working, please help. I've restored the Start25 to factory settings. I've deleted the drivers and reinstalled after restarting laptom. I've updated MyDrive. Still does not connect. When I unplug the device, it briefly shows that it's connected, but when I plug it back in it says "Device Not Responding". I've tried different USB ports, but to no avail.


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    I have a tomtom start 25. I use Tom tom MyDrive Connect to update it. I have windows 10 operating system windows firewall and malwarebytes installed. In normal circumstances I can never get MyDrive to connect to my tomtom device. It recognises that it is there and shows a circular spinning connecting icon (which dissapears when the tomtom device is unplugged and says start25 disconnected then).

    to update the start 25 for new European maps I had to restart windows in safe mode with networking ( right click windows icon - bottom left of screen select run type msconfig (into the open ... box) select the "Boot" tab click "Safe Boot" - it defaults to "Minimal" but change minimal to "Network". Restart the device in safe mode. Run MyDrive and connect tomtom start and it will update.

    It takes about 40 minutes to update the device, My concerns would be that the firewall and antivirus software in safe mode during that 40 minutes may not be as effective as normal.

    Maybe someone who knows more would advise if this is a safe way to do the update
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    Do you have an anti virus that might be affecting proper transmission?
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    JUst want to purchase a UK map and the whole of Europe as is the only thing I can find:kissing: