Unable to load MyDrive data

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I am unable to download my MyDrive data from MyDrive Web.
Even after having tried different browsers (and having done all "clear cache" and equivalent unnecessary actions for well written software ...) on different Windows machines.
So I dug into the issue a little bit using Chrome Version 67.0.3396.79 (last official build) (64 bits) and Windows 10 1803 17134.81.

Below are the last lines of some traces (customer_id is obfuscated) when trying to download MyDrive data :

19:28:46.909 onp-3.js:5368 Tealium.link({"event_action":"settings", "event_type":"login", "event_name":"completed", "customer_id":"XXXXXXXX"})

19:28:47.272 onp-3.js:5368 Tealium.link({"event_action":"view-collection", "event_type":"road-trips", "event_name":"tomtomroadtrips"})

19:29:05.696 onp-3.js:5368 Tealium.link({"event_action":"download-data", "event_type":"settings", "event_name":null})

19:29:06.334 onp-3.js:3406 GET https://mydrive.tomtom.com/gor-webapp/ws/rest/V1/users/allUserData?locale=fr_fr 400 ()

or in other words :

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 which means (AFAIR :smirk:) "Bad request" (incorrect request syntax, size too large, ...).
A problem with Tealium (new tool ?)

@danielforniestomtom any idea ?


  • GEB
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    I got in touch with french support team: seems that my account was broken ... but nobody knows why ???

    So they created a new account (with same id) and associated it with my GO device.
    When I logged into MyDrive my data were empty (no favourites, no POIs, no routes)
    I then tried to synchronize my device with MyDrive in order to "re-populate" my data on TomTom cloud from the device ... and discovered that :

    - all my favourites were correctly synchronized ...

    - but my POI files and my routes were NOT; they did not appear in MyDrive .

    My questions :
    1) Is this the expected behavior ? probably MyDrive has been designed to recover a device from the cloud and not the other way round (except favourites ???)

    2) If so how can I recover my POIs and my routes ?
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    Hi @GEB

    It's really annoying what's happening to you. :disappointed_relieved:

    According to the manual MyDrive allows to save:

    All saved locations in My Places.
    All imported POI place lists.
    All imported tracks.
    And it takes time if there is a lot of information.

    As I understand the export of POIs and tracks from the device to the TT cloud isn't possible.
    For me, your new account, even with the same login, doesn't have the backup of the files imported into the old one. Only favorites (My Places) have been synced from the device.

    You have to have them on your PC in the form of .ov2 and .gpx files, which according to their number will ask you time for their reinstallation on your device.

    It will take someone more competent than me on this subject to help you.

    Sorry for you. :slight_frown:
  • GEB
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    Hi @LAURE123

    Thanks for your answer, you definitely are enough competent :relaxed:

    As I wrote, as far as I understand one of the features of MyDrive is to recover from a device crash using TomTom cloud saved data as a reference (not the other way round), implicitely considered reliable, and so they highly probably are.
    But software using those data (e.g. account management, ...) may be NOT so reliable and robust, up to impeding access to data; and that's my point.
    So despite the fact that (part of) personal data are synchronized with TomTom cloud it still could help to have another back-up on a local machine or/and another cloud.
    Oh btw don't worry Laure, I have saved my important data on my PC and Google Drive; restoring them will be easy ... should I need it.

  • LAURE123
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    Hi @GEB

    I was sure you had all your backups on your PC, the opposite would have been surprising. :wink:

    You are proof that the TT system is not foolproof even if your mishap should be infrequent.
    This confirms the interest of your macro in case of failure of the TT system. I am a convinced user of the multiple and personal backup.

    Glad to have read you on this forum despite the circumstances of course.