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I bought the GO620 and I thought it comes with the world wide map. I see only USA/CANADA and MEXICO. How do I get the rest of the maps?

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    To start you off, the devices come with the maps appropriate for the area of purchase. So if you bought it in the US, the device will come with the USA/Canada/Mexico maps. In Europe, it comes with European maps. Also note that whatever maps came with your device indicates where services such as traffic will be available.

    But with the 620 you can indeed add most maps worldwide. From your device you would go to Settings -> Maps -> Add a Map and choose what you'd like to add. Then the map(s) will be downloaded to your device. This could take a while depending upon your internet speed.

    If you are adding a large map, like the map of all of Europe then you might not have enough space for all your maps and should purchase a good microSD card of 16 or 32GB to increase the space on your unit. 16GB will do fine. 32GB is the maximum size you can use.

    (A very few maps are restricted due to governmental or licensing issues. For example, you can only get a China map if you bought the device in China.)