Activities missing of past month - memory error?

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I wear my TomTom Adventurer watch daily. I am regular on my runs and marathon events, but took break for few months from running. I still used to check my daily steps/sleep/calories burnt. The watch showed everything perfectly ok.

I got back to running last week after gap of two months. However when i synced the activities(after 2 months gap), a whole month(april) and partially of May month of activity data are missing.7089b938-745e-4c67-bd55-119eab773ae7.jpg

About memory status: No, i don't have more than 5-10 songs on my watch music library. Whole 4GB space probably should be free mostly.

What could be the issue?
Does the watch has limit on number of activities it can store on its own (without syncing)?


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    The watch only stores 2 weeks worth of activity data so you need to sync that often at a minimum. The songs are irrelevant, that is s separate drive and is not used for activity storage. In the future try to sync more often.

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