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I have just published a review of Rider 550. It can be seen at

It is in Swedish though, but part of it is rather self explanatory.

Will be making a new review where Rider 550 is measured against Zumo 396


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    I am presently, as a journalist, reviewing Zumo 396. Found some interesting facts that may strengthen your ways into the 550 purchase :-)!

    The Zumo 396 has a special connector for the connection of external voltage. And it MUST have external power if the screen is to give its full strength! Just running on the inbuilt battery shows a very light screen, impossible to see in even modest sunlight.
    (The 550, of course, shows full screen strength when running on battery.)

    There is a USB socket for connection to computer and for charging but it cannot be used when 396 is in the mounting bracket, then the USB input is blocked. The power cable (with it´s propriortary connector) for the fixed mounting must be connected to 12 volt and then there is a voltage converter (lump) on the cable that reduces the voltage to 5 volts.
    The external voltage connection plug must be attached to the mount before the "RAM ball" plate is screwed on, and then it is stuck there. You cannot take the mount and cable to another bike, it must always be there. Not very safe to leave your bike parked with the Garmin Mount attached!

    When leaviing one of my bikes after having used a Tomtom Rider, I just unplug the mount from the external power cord, remove it and can use it on another bike.