Smart notifications on Spark 3 Cardio

Satish Gandreti
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Hi , i have Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio plus music . With the new software update would i be able to smart notifications on my watch .

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  • tfarabaugh
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    Depending on the version you are on you should already have them (have you not been accepting the prompts or not plugging into a computer?). If you are on a really old version the update will add it, but at a cost. The new updates also broke connectivity with many phones and cause rapid battery drain and is not worth getting notifications. All you will get for notifications are those from the native phone and text apps, not third-party apps (like Facebook Messenger or What's App), and all you get is single notification alert on a single screen, you cannot scroll through to recall missed ones or interact with it in any way. It essentially just telling you to look at your phone. Not really worth the risk of battery and connectivity problems in my opinion.

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