TomTom Sports has Major Issues

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The tom tom spark and Sports app has major issues and tom tom needs to address it beyond asking users to reset the watch or uninstall the app. My watch continues to stop syncing with my iPhone every 2-3 weeks. I always come back to this thread to check if TomTom has decided to put out an acceptable solution for this problem. Asking users to factory reset devices and uninstall apps should be worst case one time fix. You cannot expect users to do this every time - you rather then lower the price of the device and remove the Bluetooth sensor if you can’t figure out the software side. But this is just beyond silly. However nice the hardware is, I’m unlikely to ever by a Tom Tom again because of this issue and poor way it’s been handled.


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    Since TomTom is out of the watch business and is no longer producing devices, it is unlikely you would be able to buy another anyway. Once they decided to leave the industry back in November they apparently laid off the entire sports Division so I am not sure who is left to make the changes. I suspect it will never be resolved and they are legacy devices. Too bad as they had some good ideas but did not have the resources to implement them properly.