MapShare updates- Missing road

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My parents moved into a new build estate over one year ago. They've had problems with delivery companies delivering to them so I submitted a MapShare request one year ago, detailing the new road.

Yet one year later nothing has been updated.

Google Maps shows the new road.

Royal Mail now shows the postcode.

Why doesn't TomTom? I would have thought the company whose prime focus is navigation would be interested in keeping it's maps up to date.

One year later and my Mapshare request has now expired. What do I need to do to get TomTom to update their maps with the new road?


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    HeliBong wrote:
    One year later and my Mapshare request has now expired.

    This issue has been raised also be my like maybe over a year ago.

    They should allow people to view older uncorrected reports.
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    I have a similar problem in that I submitted a road closure and 4 new roads, together with a diversion route well over a month ago. all but a temporary, previously closed road (which I now use regularly) has been accepted on map share, but nothing has appeared on any of the various updates since. The diversion route into the centre of Leicester is still not followed on planner or on my tom tom go 510
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    I added a new road and found the series of events interesting. A later version of the maps accepted addresses on the new road and took me to them, but the road itself was not yet shown on the device. So I was dutifully taken to an address which appeared from the screen to be in the middle of nowhere!