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Out riding today following a route and the low fuel light came on with a fuel range reading of 45 miles. The route bar was only showing one petrol station on the route at 3½ miles. (sometimes it's two stations, but seems to depend on the distance possibly?? Who knows? Anyone know the algorithm it uses??).

3½ miles was too near so I thought I'd use the Petrol Stations option on the main menu to see what was up ahead on the route. Not done that for a while for reasons that will become obvious. Looking at the list displayed there was one at 20 miles. I picked the station from the list, it showed me on the map - Great! Select the station on the map, then finger poised over the "Add to Current Route" option. The terrible early days of adding a waypoint to the current route came flooding back....... With some trepidation I added the station to the current route. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! The route was completely screwed up. I tried to work out where in the waypoint list it had added the petrol station stop but I couldn't really tell with blue route lines now criss-crossing all over the map. At the end possibly. I considered re-ordering the waypoints, but then decided to load the same route again and start the route at the next waypoint and look out for the petrol station.
I mean, how hard can this be?????!!! Put the petrol station stop into the list between my current location and the next waypoint. Stuff like this drives me to distraction!


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    I had a similar problem with editing an existing route. The route has a number of way points and uses a road I'd like to avoid, so added another point. Then it made a complete mess.

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    The latest advice from support is you have to manually re-order the stop, which quite frankly is pants!
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    Pretty easy with unnamed waypoints...