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i have a tomtom multisport watch model 8RS00, i have a problem with the battery life on it.
it was recently replace with a new/refurbished unit(not sure) from the manufacturer after it was damaged and i noticed that when i go for a run and the battery is around 50% i only get like 30mins use and it switched off.
is this normal?
i am just wondering that if i go for longer runs like 3-4 hours will it actually last that long?
also when i start doing 70.3 ironman races will it last for 5-6 hours and 10-12 hours for the full distance?
feedback will be appreciated
thank you


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    That is a 4+ year old watch so it is likely that the battery is simply not holding enough charge. It is only rated for 6-7 hours of life with GPS in ideal conditions and at its age 4-5 is more realistic (at best). Even a new model would not cover you for 10-12 hours. For that you need to go with a different brand as that is the outer limit for any TT device (and well beyond the limits of a MultiSport).

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    feedback appreciated