Adding a second map tp TT Via 225M

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Hi, I have a TT Via 225 M which has Australian maps on it. I am going to Canada and was wondering if I could purchase Canadian maps for this model TT. If Yes, do I need to purchase a card or how do I have both sets of maps on the one device, because when I come home I will want to go back to the Australian maps.

The last time I tried to upload the new maps under my Lifetime free maps I got a message that this model was no longer supported. Will this affect purchasing a new Canadian map?


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    If the serial number starts as follows:
    "BK">Via 225 / All Blacks Edition, 2GB + micro-SDHC, MyDrive Connect

    then it supposedly is End of Life meaning no more map or any other updates.

    HOWEVER, Tomtom has said it WILL honour lifetime maps for those devices with them. The bad news is the lifetime maps is only for those initially installed on the device.

    So, bottom line..............while you should be able to continue getting updated Aussie maps for the device, you won't be able to purchase maps for other regions, such as Canada.