Order completed, no files received

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I am writing here because it seems impossible to find ano other way to get in touch with the TOMTOM Support through the guided process.

I have an order, I just ordered free voices to install in my old TOMTOM XL, the order status is "completed".
Order no.: 4072xxxxxx

I am still waiting for the files.

Also, I wonder if there's anyone who need the original CD/ISO to download the original voices for this device, since they get deleted, and no backup is available.
TomTom Home is not helping, because it prevents you from installing anything because the product is "too old".

Does anyone has an idea on how I can get the voices I ordered, or a way to get the free original ones form any resource?


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  • VikramK
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    hi MassimoD

    Welcome to the community :)

    I have added the voices to your account and if you connect the device to TomTom HOME you should be able to download them :)

    Vikram :)
  • MassimoD
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    Thank you very much, but the problem is not solved:
    • if I choose to update, there's no mention on voices, only maps and quickfix
    • if I choose the "add traffic, voices.." menu, the Voices button is grayed, and when I click on it, a popup appears asking me if I want to change my product with a new one.
    Any chance to get the files needed so that I can just copy them into the device?
    They are all free voices, the default that you could find in the old CD which I lost.

    Any help?