New Android user, bug and suggestion report

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I just downloaded the latest version from play store. On my Android head unit ALL recorded voices are cut in half. Interestingly when you "test" the voice in the download section it plays the announcement fine. Soon as you download any recorded voice and select it, when it plays from the unit the sample it's suddenly cut in half along with all the announcements while navigating. If you switch back to computer voice they all play fine.

This thread was started 7 months ago, please tell me your not still waiting for this issue to be fixed, I just paid for it and will be going back for a refund if I can't use it.

Also when tested on my Samsung S8+ the recorded voices are fine, it's just on the android head unit.
Head unit is an octocore 2gb ram, 32gb storage.

I have also found the warning bongs annoying. Many other apps simply voice the correct speed limit if you go a certain speed over the limit. Go is making the same sound for warnings as it does for speed alert, with your eyes on the road you can't always look down to see if Go is telling about a speed camera or other waning or if your speed needs your immediate attention.
May I suggest 2 bongs for a warning like railway crossing or speed camera ahead and 3 bongs for something important like your exceeding the limit. A spoken announcement would be better like "THE SPEED LIMIT IS 60 KILOMETRES PER HOUR". But I'd settle for 2 bongs for a caution and 3 for speed alerts that require immediate action.

Happy to beta test as I do it for other software packages, but I'm reading here there seems to be no development on the Go app anyway.


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    You are lucky you even got TomTomGO to work on a Android head unit.
    Were you able to download it from Google Store direct to your car radio??
    Or did you side load it as a backup from you phone?

    Many use's who try installing TomTomGO on a Android head unit can not even get it to install much less get to to work correctly. There is a problem with the SN being to long.

    Are you running any other apps at the same time you are using TomTomGO???
    That will cause problems with the app.
    The music apps are the biggest problem with TomTomGO.

    The question is who is at fault with this problem?
    The music app or some other app that is causing problems with TomTOMGO.

    As for support there is none at TomTom for car head units that users install the app manually.
    TomTom has contracted to car companies to have TomTOMGO already pre installed on their radios that come with the cars.

    Like you said all works OK with your smartphone.......:sunglasses:
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    Installed from the app store. I guess I was lucky that the head unit has enough space to install as my old unit only had 1gb of storage. This one has 32gb as advertised.

    You can bet your butt that they are updating their own hardware with new software (as noted at the top of the forums) surely it's not a major issue to port those updates across to us, we're paying customers too. Actually we are paying more in the long run.