Rider 550 - Bluetooth and Data?

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I previoulsy owned a Rider 420 and when it was accessing my iphone for data the personal hotspot would show active on the iphone - this no longer happens so I am not sure whether it is receiving traffic data. The Rider 550 shows the correct symbols on the home screen and when a route is selected I do not get the greyed icon - however when I check in settings Bluetooth and then select my phone the features for 'Data for Traffic & Other Services' - it states 'Unable to connect' ? In Bluetooth on my phone its shows two coonections to Rider 550 (assume one is MyDrive?).Personal hotspot is in turned on and on Rider 550 I have selected in Inofrmation & Privacy to yes. So my question is am I receivung Data or not?



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    Try moving out of the Range of your Wi-Fi
    Logout of your Wi-Fi on the Rider 550....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your Connected Wi-Fi
    Tap (Modify) Icon
    Tap (Finish) Icon
    To verify the Wi-Fi is OFF Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) screen top right Wi-Fi logo with X

    To Reconnect to Wi-Fi....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your chosen Wi-Fi
    Enter your Wi-Fi Password
    Tap Done
    Tap Connect

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    Why the swap from the 400 to 550?
    Thoughts or opinions between the two?

    Thanks, hope it works well for you.
    400 user here for about 2 years
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    You have to be out of range of your wifi or disconnect wifi.


    harm van veghel
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    OK now I understand what happens when in range of wifi. I still had issue with traffic data when out - still wasn't receiving infomration until I disabled the wifi on 550 even though I was 20 miles from home! I was using the straight bluetooth connection without MyDrive app. Worked fine for traffic data after this? I shall try a few more rides this week and see how it goes.

    Why change - my friend brought my 420 as I needed a new sat nav for the car as well - I lost my 5100! Initial opinion - seems a lot faster - expected, wifi updates a lot easier. Using MyDrive a lot more to create and import routes (tracks) and the syncing of these works well. Early days yet!

    Thanks for all replies so far.
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    I really like TomTom but this drove me mad and have now returned for a full refund (brought direct from TomTom). To quote TomTom Support team:

    "I have investigated in this case and have found that we have received lots of complaints about connectivity issues with TomTom device and iPhone with iOS 11 installed on it.

    I would like to inform you that this is a known issue and has already been escalated to the Technical team for investigation.

    In the meantime, I would request you to please try pairing your new Rider 550 device with an alternate smartphone and check if the issue still persists.

    I regret that at this time they have not determined the underlying cause and cannot therefore give me any reference point on when they will have the issue fixed.

    I would like to assure that the Technical Team are currently working on finding the solution for the issue and would request to wait for the update. We continue to investigate the issue and look forward to pushing an update to resolve this issue as soon as possible."

    It worked fine on the standard bluetooth connection but soon as MyDrive was introduced it was really flaky and lost any chance of some of the facilities - shame. Not keen on Garmin so I'll probably wait and then repurchase Rider 500 (they have kindly offered me a discount :slight_smile:).
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    Unbelievable!!! How can a product be released without testing with an iPhone running iOS 11???
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    Hello good night, I am with the same problems as the SonicBoom companion, I have an Iphone X and I can not connect with MyDriver to give me the traffic information.
    I am from Barcelona and I use the Rider 550 every day to be with the traffic information, I have claimed TomTom Spain a solution and do not know what to answer.
    It is unfortunate that a GPS is for sale without being thoroughly tested.
    I will wait a while and if it does not work I will return the Rider 550.
    I used to have the Rider 400 and I was very happy with it.
    For good, hurry to solve the problem.
    A greeting.
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    I currently use the Mobile hotspot function of the phone to get traffic information as a workaround. Of course Bluetooth connection drops.
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    basfluijt wrote:
    I currently use the Mobile hotspot function of the phone to get traffic information as a workaround. Of course Bluetooth connection drops.

    How you you achieve that? I cannot connect my iPhone (6, iOS 12.1.2) tot the rider 550. Can only connect through bluetooth and mydrive.

    Support said: when connecting through hotspot, no services available.

    My 420 connected fine with hotspot and services were perfect.

    All in all: 550 with its required link to mydrive app (with unstable / unpredictable availability of services) is a big disappointment.
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