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Hi there!
Does anyone knows if it's possible to erase data from my TomTom Runner 3 watch but not from the app (TomTom Sports). The watch indicates memory full and I dont't know if or how can I do it without losing all previous data. As far as I can see the only option is to reset the watch but it means losing everything. Can I do it on the watch but still have the previous activities registered in the app?
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    If the activities are already on MySports (visible in the app) then the memory should be clear, as it automatically clears he memory every time it syncs. Just sync the watch, wither through the app or a computer and it will free up the memory. If you have done that and the memory is still full and everything has already been uploaded then you need to do a factory reset to clear out the bad data. All this does is clear the watch memory, it has no impact on previously synced activities as they are all on TT's servers already.

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