TomTom Go Mobile app slow and Laggin

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Dear Tomtom

I have seen a lot of topics from frustrated people who complain of the laggin in the GO app on the ios. Therefore to highlight it, I’ll contribute to this.

I’m experiencing on slow speeds from 80 and down, the app is 2-5 seconds behind Realtime. Have you ever tried that in a foreign big city?? .. if not, try it!! You see have useless this is.

I have tried it on ..

Iphone 6
Iphone 6 restored to factory and newest ios
Iphone 7
Iphone 7 restored to factory and newest ios

Now I found the solution .. Google maps!

I have one question. Will this bee fixed? If not, I will close my account.


  • DavidQPR
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    The lag is so bad that I am about to stop using Tomtom after many many years. It made me miss two turnings in London on Saturday. Enough is enough, they obviously have no interest in fixing this major defect.
  • badvibes
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    Ditto - This is not only inconvenient, It's dangerous