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TomTom not pairing with Samsung S7

JohntiptopJohntiptop Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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I'm having trouble pairing my TomTom Touch with my Samsung S7 (running Android 7.0). It seems to have been a problem in the last few weeks and therefore I assume it is related to the software update on the band (to version 1.44.12).

I have also tried factory reset, un-pairing and re-pairing etc etc.

I noticed that with earlier software versions, the device would show a 6 digit number fairly quickly and then you could input this into the app on the phone. Now all I get on the device is a display showing and a symbol with dots circling around it. The phone also gets to the screen showing the device with dots circling around it and saying "Connecting"...but it doesn't.



  • JohntiptopJohntiptop Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    OK - I tried it again today and after a few attempts it worked. Seems to be a bit hit and miss!
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