Go510 won't "Add Device", Updates failing indefinitely. Swindled?

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Hi all,

For several months I have tried - and failed - to update my Europe+Scandinavian (Lifetime) maps and speed cameras on my (replaced) Go 510. (replaced due to failed hardware).

On my Win10 PC the MyDrive Connect recognizes that I have a Go 510 attached to a USB port, but "Add Device" will always fail. I have tried the following:
  • Disabled AntiMalwarebytes
  • Disabled Windows Defender
  • Direct USB connection between the Device and the PC
  • Using TomTom original USB cable
  • Using a fresh download of latest MyDrive Connect
  • I have a 8 GB (7.91 GB) memorycard and 1.15 GB internal memory.
  • After I received the replaced device (~1+ year ago) I could update without any problems.

  • Software version: 16.201.2572.311 (0) (27-05-2016)
  • Maps: 'Europe with Scandinavia buildings' v960.7066

  • Recently I have tried updating multiple times over several days, but no go.
  • I have Reset (Settings\System\Reset) the Device two times, but no go.
The TomTom Services via Bluetooth Internet connection via Mobilephone consistently reports that "TomTom services are currently not available. Try again later". Absolutely nothing seems to work.

Q: What is going on at TomTom these days?

Has TomTom actually swindled me, lying about providing "lifetime updates" and then simply abandoned their commitment?

I don't understand, I really don't.

// Rolf
Gavle, Sweden

Text: "Do you want to add this device?"


Text: "TRY AGAIN, unfortunately something went wrong. You currently cannot add your device to your account. Try again".



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    Have you tried calling support?

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    Thank you for your reply,

    I had not contacted them earlier (but now I just did call them up). The reason why I had not contected them earlier was that I found on a support page that "email-support is no longer provided for this device" so I assumed that all support was dropped for Go 510. Well, it wasn't. Bad guess.

    I just called them up and TomTOm support found out that after replacing my hardware (as mentioned above) someone had messed up the account info so that any attempt to add the (replaced) device would not be accepted by the account.

    In short, the device really was "stonewalling" with no chance to get through. This also means that my recollection of having been able to update the device after replacement cannot have happened. Bad memory (and bad guess).

    However, they will now put some "server guys" to correct the account info, and so I will try again after being notified about this being fixed.

    Again, thanks for your reply.

    // Rolf