Re-Upload 'failed' uploads doesn't seem to work

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I connected my watch to a new phone (Samsung S8) today, and when it synced my activities, the didn't seem to get uploaded.

After checking here for advice, I noted the standard response that tfarabaugh seems to post on all questions:

"To force MySports to reupload an activity you need to do the following:
1. Exit MySports Connect ....."

Now, I have tried this - interestingly, my files on my Android device were in /sdcard/TomTom_MySports/[serial number of watch]/workouts/failed/
(note the folder 'failed' instead of the usual 'uploaded').

I've copied them onto my PC, restarted the TomTom Sports Connect app, and under settings, it says '2 activities waiting to upload to TomTom Sports'. Great!

Except, clicking Try again doesn't work.. it changes the text to 'attempting to transfer' and the button text to transferring, but then, about 20 seconds later, it changes back, with no indication of success or failure.
In the meantime, my .ttbin files, which were named '00910001_20180424_124542.ttbin' and '00910000_20180424_124344.ttbin' are now called '0x0091fffe-1524540979-1' and '0x0091ffff-1524540978-1'.
Now, if I click 'try again' again, the same thing happens.. except now those two files are prefixed with -2 on the end instead of -1. Try again and it's a 3, then a 4, then a 5, and so on.
I've disconnected and restarted the app several times, and even disconnect all of the 'sports sites' that I would normally sync to, as I saw someone else fixed their issue after doing so.
Right now, those files are up to -13, and I'm wondering what more I can try.

Any advice?

How do I upload a 'failed' ttbin file?
Is there any reason that my new phone would have failed to upload these in the first place? Anything I can check/do to ensure that the next activities are not also lost?


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    It would appear that there was a server issue earlier when I posted the above.
    Other, similar threads were started with similar issues.
    Now, hours later, I have been able to re-upload these activities with no issues.