"voice" guidance on the Start 25

On several occasions the "voice" has told me to take a certain exit from a roundabout and the map has indicated a different one. Is this a fault in the programming and can it be rectified?


  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Is this in the UK? Is it reproducible? If so, can you give me an example of a roundabout (Mapcode if possible!) and route so I can try it out on mine.

    Also, what voice were you using?
  • mikesangmikesang Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
    This was in Sussex, in the UK, approaching the roundabout leading from the A264 westbound, onto the M23 southbound. The map showed the correct way, "take the first exit" but the voice, Jane, said "take the fourth exit," which would have sent us back the way we had come. Luckily I know the area and was able to take the correct exit.
  • mikesangmikesang Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
    PS to my last reply; I am using a Via 52 and not a Start 25.
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I believe the Via 52 is a NAV 4 system device, unlike the Start 25, so I'm not sure it would react the same way as mine.

    'Jane' is a recorded voice, have you tried with the computer voice 'Serena' to see if this works better?

    Seems to give the correct directions by voice and map with my Start 25 (so may not be relevant) on Route Demo and short route through roundabout. Only oddity is that voice sometimes says: 'Towards Horsham', other times does not!
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,778 Superusers
    I see you are using Jane and not a Computer voice i.e... Serena or Malcolm
    The Computer voices have a more comprehensive instruction set compared to the Recorded voices

    A while back Tomtom changed the voice instructions for Roundabouts
    After some gentle persuasion on the Forum (Read Bloodbath :relieved:) and a user poll
    The Roundabout instructions for the Computer voices were changed back to the original instruction set
    The Recorded voices retained the...
    "Go around the roundabout and take the x exit"
    That most people hated

    The later/Latest devices have less customizing features than the previous ranges....

    But for general improvement for a NAV4/5(WiFi) devices over the default settings

    Use a Computer voice...
    From the main screen... Tap (.... Menu) -> Setting -> Sounds & Warnings...
    Set... 'Warning Type' to... Read Allowed...
    (Important... Needs a Computer Voice set in the Voices menu
    Speed Cameras & Hazards... Set to ON
    The next 10 Setting ALL set to Always
    The next 4 Settings ALL set to ON
    The device will now give a spoken warning for....
    'Fixed Camera'
    'Mobile Hot Spot'
    'Average Speed camera Zone'
    'Red Light Camera'
    'Spoken Traffic delays'

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  • mikesangmikesang Posts: 14 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thank you, I will try this. I have kept to Jane, so far, because I am deaf and hers is the clearest one. However I will re-try the computer voicesagain.
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    YamFazMan wrote:
    A while back Tomtom changed the voice instructions for Roundabouts
    After some gentle persuasion on the Forum (Read Bloodbath :relieved:)
    Don't remind me! :drooling_face:

    Even ended up with me having to make a formal complaint to TomTom...
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