Who's dropped the ball ?

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Have purchased a DVD . Australia 23 and New Zealand 12 . It was specified for a 2007 RX 350 Lexus ....but as sure as someone makes little green apples , it did not work . On contacting TOM TOM I have at their request supplied all relevant information ,including photos of dashboard messages . This information was received by Akash P and acknowledged but to date have not had a resolution to the problem . Iam getting close to the time period for return , but would rather have a workable set of maps ... Any help would be most appreciated .


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    Have you tried phoning Customer Services

    :flag_nz: New Zealand
    0800 450 973
    Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:30 NZST
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    Hi audivici

    I had a quick look at the contact history on your account. Unfortunately, I am not able to find the incident number for your contact.

    If you can click on this link to sent me the incident number through a private message then I can have a look for further assistance.

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    Nobody has picked up the ball !!
    Have tried every above solution to resolve the issue of replacing a DVD for a cars nav. system. When I phone I am told to email ANZ automotive tomtom ,,,, to date i have and incident report No 180418000097 . this is all very well and good , but all talk no positive action . I have the name of people who are supposed to follow through , but in intervening time period IT IS SOMEONE ELSE . I have fast come to the conclusion that the front people representing TOM TOM are incompetent, or lacking the knowledge to handle a simple matter. Iam sure that Directors of the company would not be pleased as to the run around I have had ...