TomTom Adventurer battery life

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i wonder if if there is anyone that can help me. I have only had my TomTom adventurer watch for 14 months and when I cycle using the GPS and heart rate function, the battery only lasts 2 hours. Is this right? My product is now out of the warrantee period and I would be gutted to have to purchase another at such a premium price after such a short period.



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    Battery life is rated for around 5 hours for GPS/HR/Music, 9 for GPS/HR, 11 for GPS only, 2 weeks for watch only (that includes pause time as the sensors are still on - so if during a 2 hour activity you had 30 minutes of pause it was 2:30 of battery life, not just the 2 hours it was recording for). Those of course are estimates and best case scenario and are impacted by usage (using backlight, switching screens, etc.) and environmental conditions (overcast skies, tree cover, tall buildings, etc.). If you have night mode or the backlight on that is going to impact it greatly. I have found that they are pretty accurate estimates and my usage and testing has pretty well matched them. Bear in mind that the battery gauge is a rough estimate at best and I have gone many hours when it indicates that it was almost empty.

    I would try a factory reset which may help and if it persists you can ask to rollback your firmware to 1.3.255 at the link below. the latest update introduced a rapid battery drain issue which may be impacting you.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.