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    Hi tugman,

    The drag & drop editing of route in MyDrive is currently not supported for saved routes/tracks. For more information and troubleshooting tips for MyDrive, please see this FAQ.

    For changing the route on your Rider 400, please see here [user manual].

    Cheers, Mikko
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    tugman wrote:
    I have used the 400 for the first time after using a rider 2 for a number of years and find the clarity of the screen is a lot better but there is a down side as unlike the rider 2 where the way point took you on your chosen route with the appropriate turn instructions and only announcing your destination as you arrive. The 400 announces you have arrived at your destination as you approach every way point which a real nuisance and could be a problem on long journeys as well as tiring. Is there anyway of over coming this problem by muting the sound as it passes a way point.

    The route was built using tyre program on my computer with the file having an ITN extension that was imported to the unit using the drag and drop method.
    Could anyone suggest how I can overcome this .
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    transfer the gpx file to your device rather than the itn file. I like this method much better. TomTom will not insist on you visiting all the waypoints, will not alarm you when you approach a waypoint, and will guide you back to the nearest possible point on the track whenever you have left the planned route. I think TomTom did a very good job with thatn

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    Can we expect this issue to be solved in the next update?
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