Does VIA 1500 has map correction feature?

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Hi, in my VIA 1500, I dont see a map correction button in setting, should I have this feature? I have updated my device from mydrive connect.


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    See page 39 of the manual
    About Map Share Map
    Share helps you correct map errors. You can correct several types of map error.

    To make corrections to your own map, tap Map corrections in the Settings menu.

    Note: Map Share is not available in all regions.
    For more information, go to

    Correcting a map error Important:
    For safety reasons, do not enter the full details of a map correction while you are driving. Mark the location of the map error instead and enter the full details later.

    To correct a map error, do the following:
    1. Tap Map corrections in the Settings menu.
    2. Tap Correct a map error.
    3. Select the type of map correction you want to report.
    4. Select how you want to select the location.
    5. Select the location. Then tap Done.
    6. Enter the details of the correction. Then tap Done.
    7. Tap Send. The correction is saved

    NB You might need to scroll through the settings pages to find 'Map Share'