Uploading Old Data to Strava

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I've seen several threads about finding the ttbin files from Computer but my files are only TomTOM GPS Watch Activity file and 2 internet shortcut files for each activity.

Any Help would be appreciated.


  • tfarabaugh
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    You can go to MySports and go to your Account (click your name in the top right), go to Settings>Manage Account and there is an Option there for Manage My Data. Click this and you will be able to download all activities in tcx format, which is what you want to upload to Strava.

    You are able to load activities manually in Strava by hitting the + sign in the upper right corner, and clicking Upload Activity, then on the menu on the left choose File and hit the Choose Files button. It accepts .tcx, .gpx. or .fit files.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Good Morning... I've followed the instructions (described above) and found "Manage my data" in MySports. I downloaded the data in five parts as Zip files. When I look into these files I don't see any tcx files but mostly gpx files along with some with a json_2 extension. I don't know what these latter files are - for example, a duplicate of the data in the gpx file.

    Is there any reason I'm not seeing tcx files and/or does it matter given that Strava can accept multiple tcx, fit, or gpx files 25MB or smaller. I'm guessing that when Strava tells me that I can choose up to 25 files that means at any one time uploading and not 25 files as an absolute total as I try to upload my old TomTom data to Strava.

    Should I upload the gpx files (assuming there are no tcx to be found) in any particular order - oldest first, for example? Many thanks for any/all suggestions. Cheers, Stephen
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    Hello again... I uploaded the gpx files in batches of 25 and now most things seem ok although I may have to do some editing because Strava doesn't seem to do freestyle which I use while paddling.