Redundancy transfer of routes from one Samsung S5 to another Samsung S5

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I'm using TomTom Go Mobile and love it.
I'm about to head off on a 3 month motorcycle trip around SE Europe with 60 ride days so 60 individual routes. I've already set these up on my usual Samsung S5 - phone 1.
I've also purchased a second as new Samsung S5 as a redundancy phone in case I lose or break the other phone - phone 2. The 2 of them are set up identically.
BUT I want to transfer/ export/ copy the 60 routes from phone 1 to phone 2. How do I do that? I don't want to have to do it all again on phone 2.
I've started TomTom Go Mobile and enabled My Drive on both phones, then I've opened a route on phone 1. It tries to open it on phone 2 but doesn't and then also closes it on phone 1. Thankfully it doesn't delete it from My Routes on phone 1 but does say its deleted from My Drive, which it is.
I have to un-enable My Drive on one of the phones to be able to keep a route open on phone 1.

So how does it work? Planning a route in My Drive is very limiting compared with Go Mobile although I can get said track into Go Mobile, but it's a TRACK and doesn't appear to be editable in Go Mobile.

Surely this can be achieved.

Larry Blackmore


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    Nobody huh?
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    I think you should be fine with the described setup as long as you only use one phone at the time!
    It should sync the routes just fine via mydrive.