GO 5100 Memory- Free up space on the internal memory of the device

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Hi tried to improve device memory changed to a smaller map have freed up some space transfered maps to memory card but will not improve space on device any ideas.


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @stephen1973

    I also have a GO5100 with only 8 GB of internal memory and it's a problem with the size of the maps that increases with each update.

    To save space on the internal memory, I delete foreign languages ​​that I don't need. It's still possible to reinstall deleted voices. Being French, I only kept French voices. Look at this topic and open "show content":

    In anticipation of the future problem I added a 32 GB micro-SD card and I installed on the EU map with buildings France.

    I think that next update in May, add a micro-SD card will be a necessity for all users of devices like ours.

  • stephen1973
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    Hi Laure123

    Many thanks deleted voices have freed up more space and installed a 32 gb micro-sd card for the future.