TomTom START 40 portuguese computer voice missing

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Hello there

I have a TomTom START 40 for several years now. It has lifetime map updates.

I have just upgraded the OS to version 17.300.0018.311 but the portuguese computer voice Joana disappeared.

I just have access to recorded voices Catarina and Joaquim but, as far as I know, they cannot read road names or signs.

In your site I cannot find any portuguese computer voice even with an additional cost.

I need your help because tomorrow I´m travelling abroad and I need the TomTom device.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Carlos Melim


  • CarlosMelim
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    Hello again

    I have found the portuguese computer voice Joana on the site and I´ve managed to download and install it.

    It looks fine but if I switch off and on the START 40, the voice Joana disappears from the device voices menu options.

    I have to connect the TomTom to my computer again, unninstall it ( yes, the software tells me the computer voice is installed! ) and reinstall it again.

    It works if I keep the TomTom switched on.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Please help me.


    Carlos Melim
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    Contact Customer Services to help you out, as you might have a corrupt voice saved on your account

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