GO 1005 & Live Updates

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Hi, My Live services for my Go1005 stopped without warning. Then it came up on screen to get an emergency 14 days extra.

I've now followed the link to purchase the Live services, but it says my device is not compatible and stops me from purchasing the Live service?

S/N STxxxxFxxxxx

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  • Niall
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    Looks like the compatibility checker is broken, as ALL live devices are being rejected. :(
    I will let TT know
  • Lost_Soul
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    @Niall @pw69

    I do hope this is a temporary issue as I was going to buy the Live Services for a year for my Go 1005 (serial number starting ST) and it allowed me to put the item in my basket, then I decided to wait 2 weeks and yes now I am getting the same incompatible message.....................:thinking:
  • VikramK
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    Hello all

    Just an update..

    The compatibility checker has now been fixed.

    Thank you for your patience..