TomTom MyDrive- Change the route of an imported GPX file

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How can i change the route of an imported GPX route in Mydrive?


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    [h3]Transfer .GPX routes (Route can include "Multiple Stops")[/h3]
    To transfer .GPX routes with "Multiple Stops" created using Tyre to Travel or the previous MyDrive Web (v1) Route planner (May work for .GPX routes from other route planners)

    Had a dig around in the MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner
    The following allows me to Edit/Save/and Transfer/Convert to .ITN any .GPX routes created using Tyre to Travel or the previous MyDrive Web (v1) Route planner

    Re... Old .GPX Routes stored in MyRoutes
    Re... Old .GPX Routes created using Tyre... Follow the red text for the old tyre .GPX files
    If you have routes created using the previous MyDrive (Web) Route planner

    The MyDrive Web (2) Route planner won't allow editing of these routes
    If you Select the route... The route loads but there is no Edit Icon available

    But if you save the .GPX file to your desktop (See above Image)
    Then re-import the file into the MyDrive (Web) Route planner
    Import the .GPX file that you created using Tyre to Travel into the MyDrive (Web) Route planner

    MD Route planner now creates 2 files one you can edit (Finish Route) the other not

    Delete the file you can't edit

    Select the route that is left, Click "Finish Route"
    The Route Planner will re-calculate the route
    The planning menu will open with the "Send to the device" and the "Save" Options Available

    Click "Save" to save the route
    When you next load the route, you are offered the "Edit Icon" to edit the route

    The "Send to device" works fine, the route syncs OK with the device
    "Send to the device" works fine, the .GPX Route that you created using Tyre (along with any Stops), syncs OK with the device

    I've also found.....
    Convert a .GPX route to an .ITN on the device
    When you have sent a route to the device using "Send to device"
    After the device calculates the route you can.....

    Tap somewhere on the displayed route
    A quick Menu should open Tap the 3Dot Icon
    Tap Manage Route
    Tap Add to my Routes
    Accept or Rename the route
    Tap Add
    The route is added to "MyRoutes" as a .ITN file (Solid Arrow) displayed in the MyRoutes list of routes

    Note... This doesn't work if you have used the "Save & Sync" option to transfer your route, the "Save & Sync" option transfers a .GPX (Track)
    Whereas the "Send to device" option transfers a .GPX (Route)

  • Hi there!
    I just wanted to give you heads up that we are working on a feature which will allow you to edit imported tracks in the MyDrive Web route planner. We are planning on releasing its first version soon. We'll keep you posted!
  • Hi there again!
    We have just released the first "route reconstruction" version in MyDrive Web.
    Now you can edit any imported track/GPX from My Routes. Select an "imported" route, and press on "Edit Route" button.
    Bear in mind that this is the first version, and we'll be improving it further in the future. It works by adapting route drag(soft) waypoints so you can further edit the route based on that. In many situations you will not get a 100% accurate route, but can manually edit it afterwards. While the reconstruction takes place, you can always leave at its current state by pressing "Stop", or press the panel back button to go back to the original route in My Routes.
    Any feedback will be very welcome!